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    How to take

    This is called steroid prednisolone dependence .
    You should not stop taking prednisolone indications prednisone side effects dry mouth prednisolone side effects pregnancy prednisolone suddenly .
    It is best to gradually reduce your dose of prednisolone prednisolone each week .
    This should be prednisolone done with guidance from your gastroenterologist or GP .
    What are the side effects? Prednisolone is well prednisolone contraindications steroids side effects psoriasis prednisolone acetate and contacts tolerated by most people and can start to work very quickly .
    Side effects prednisolone can be dependent on the dose and duration of treatment .
    Short prednisolone storage prednisolone per gatti prednisolone equivalent prednisolone indications courses of treatment often have fewer side effects than long term use .
    A Severe allergic reaction is a very rare side effect of Common side effects: high blood pressure delayed wound healing Side effects associated with long term use: increased facial hair adrenal gland suppression high blood sugar increased risk of infection growth retardation Pregnancy and prednisolone Prednisolone prednisolone is generally considered safe in pregnancy .
    If you are pregnant or planning a prednisolone pregnancy, please inform your doctor so they can discuss treatment options with you .
    What do I do if I feel unwell? Prednisolone at high doses can lower your prednisolone acetate cvs prednisolone indications steroids side effects babies steroids side effects immune system making you more prone to infections .
    prednisolone ophthalmic prednisolone acetate ophthalmic suspension usp for ears prednisolone side If you develop a chest infection, you should visit your GP who may prescribe a course of antibiotics to help you recover more quickly .
    It is important to report the any symptoms to your prednisolone gastroenterologist, GP or IBD nurse if you start to feel unwell .

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